Surgical Rejuvenation of the Face and Neck
Dr Beryl Tan

Dr Beryl Tan - Surgical Rejuvenation of the Face and Neck

We often base how youthful we feel on the aesthetics of our face. You likely look at yourself in the mirror each morning, and over time, the signs of ageing are noticed here first. To help slow this process, Dr Beryl Tan offers a range of face and neck focussed procedures to give you a refreshed aesthetic.

Read on to learn more about the various procedures offered by Dr Tan, and book an appointment to see which may be best for your needs.

How is the face assessed?

The face is usually assessed in thirds ( upper, mid, and lower) or as a whole. The regions are divided as follows:

Upper third 

  • Forehead
  • Periorbital – Eyelids


  • Mid cheek (including the cheekbones)
  • Nose (classified separately but assessed to check proportions, in relation to the rest of the face)

Lower (usually with neck)

  • Lips
  • Jowls and chin; jawlines
  • Neck – liposuction, neck lift

*Ears are usually assessed separately (ear lobe reduction, otoplasty).

What does facial rejuvenation involve?

A facial rejuvenation will often include a mix of good skincare with anti-aging ingredients like vitamin A (or its derivative like retinol), antioxidants, and proper sun care.

Non-surgical treatments can include:

  • Skin rejuvenation- laser, chemical peel
  • Botulinum toxins, e.g. Botox®, Dysport
  • Fillers- hyaluronic acid; to replace or add volume 

Common Surgical procedures can include:

  • Eyelids (upper &/ lower)- blepharoplasty
  • Fat graft (own fat) as filler to replace or add volume
  • Buccal fat removal (beware of over-resection as ‘sunken, hollow cheeks ages the face)
  • Lip surgery- lip lift, fat or dermofat graft to lip, upper lip length reduction
  • Facelift- full, midface, lower face and upper neck

*It is important to note that the procedures listed above, including surgery, will not stop the process of ageing, rather, improve the visible signs of ageing.

Why do people seek facial or neck rejuvenation or enhancement surgery?

The following can be reasons why people look for face or neck procedures for improvements:

  • Non-surgical treatments (e.g. filler and botulinum toxin injection) may not be enough
  • Botox® or filler fatigue
  • Unhappy with the look of their current aesthetic
  • They feel as though fillers make their face look puffy and heavy
  • They want to look as young as they feel

What are the signs of facial ageing?

The most common signs of facial ageing are evident when the skin and muscles start to lose tone. The fat may shrink or move to a lower position, causing an “older” or “tired” appearance. While a good skincare routine is important, ageing is inevitable and will involve all tissues (fat, muscles, and bone).

Everyone ages differently, and genetics play a big part in how you will be affected. Environmental factors such as smoking, high sun exposure, lack of good nutrition, lack of sleep, and high stress, can also have an impact.

The following are the most common signs of ageing:


  • Transverse creases 
  • Eyebrows sit lower 
  • Deep/permanent frown lines
  • Hollowing of the temples

Periorbital (around the eye) 

  • Crows’ feet, extra lines/wrinkles at upper and lower eyelids 
  • Excess skin of the upper eyelid causing drooping 
  • Hollowing of eye sockets 
  • Protrusion/bulging lower eyelid 
  • Prominent tear trough (shadow/line of the lower eyelid, next to the nose)


  • Midface flattening
  • Cheek descent
  • Prominent nasolabial folds (cheek fat drops lower)

Lower face

  • Thinning lips
  • Lip lines
  • Lengthening of upper lip
  • Marionette lines with jowls


  • Transverse neck folds
  • Plastysma bands
  • Vertical neck pleats

What is a forehead rejuvenation or lift?

A forehead rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure that will relax the transverse crease to mask permanent deep or fine lines.

The surgical option is known as a “browlift” which can improve visible signs of ageing near the forehead and eyebrow. As the skin around the eyebrows loosens and sags causing forehead folds, frown lines, and skin over-hanging over your eyelids (eyelid hooding), the brow lift can be an effective way to restore. This particular surgery is patient-specific and the technique can vary based on your need.  

What is eyelid surgery?

Excess skin and muscle are removed from the upper and lower eyelids to rectify the “baggy” and “tired” look. The procedure can improve both aesthetic and vision in cases where the skin is hanging over the eyes. This procedure adds an upper eyelid fold, maintaining racial or ethnic roots. 


Those with wrinkles, “crow’s feet,” dark circles under the eyes or sagging eyebrows will require a different procedure.


Eyelid surgery can be performed on either the upper or lower eyelid and combined with other facial procedures. In cases where loose skin between the lower eyelid and the eyeball is an issue, the lower eyelid may be tightened via a procedure known as a canthoplasty. 

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that can rectify signs of ageing in the jawline and neck. This procedure offers a range of possible solutions from the removal of jowls caused by fat and sagging skin to the treatment of unsightly shapes due to extra fat under the chin, loose neck skin, or muscle banding.

What is a facelift?

A facelift improves signs of aging on the face and neck by tightening deeper structures. The procedure involves re-draping the skin and removing fat as needed. The facelift can also be combined with a brow lift, eyelid surgery, nasal surgery, and other procedures for a larger rejuvenation.

What is fat graft injection?

A fat graft injection can be performed to create a fuller, more youthful look in the temples, mouth, cheeks, and chin. Performed in place of traditional fillers, the use of the patient’s own living fat offers a longer-lasting solution.

The process involves fat being removed from an area where it is less needed to increase volume is another area that has lost volume due to aging, trauma, or other causes.

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