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My first ever blog.

2 years ago, I picked up a paint brush.

I never thought I could paint and didn’t know how to, until I did social painting at a pub with my sister, Audrey. We did the Scream by Munch. I had such a great time painting that it cast a lasting impression in me. A memory that carried through  until I’d decided to go for regular oil painting classes. I am loving it so much that it’s become my favourite hobby, an activity I look forward to.

Here’s my 1st portrait oil painting …

Recently, someone said we should be writing diaries, as this pandemic is truly a life-changing event.

And so, after reading this, http://www.bmmagazine.co.uk/business/coronavirus-lockdown-6-fun-things-to-do-while-stuck-at-home/  , with similar enthusiasm and intention for painting, I have decided that it’s about time I start writing for my website, since time is on my side.  After all, I can only spend up to a certain amount of time reading plastic surgery journals, painting…or watching Downtown Abbey (yes, I am a few years late!)

Here comes the non-professional writer, ready to spill her beans!  Apologies in advance for my grammatical errors! Writing has never been my forte. But oh yes, despite possible ridicule, I am breaking out of my comfort zone.

With every crisis/hardship/challenges, comes an opportunity for change. Big change or small change, the easiest thing for me to change is ME. Yes, I want to stay being me, but I also want to be a better ME. I am 45 years old now but it’s never too late!! I want to learn new skills. I want to improve old ones and refresh my memory bank. Afterall, I might still have half of my life to live!

I am going to do this… WRITING. When time permits. (Rest assured, I am not giving up my day job.)

It is incredible how sometimes the work that you do has similar thought process with the hobby that you pick.

I say that because I was thinking earlier, on what topic was I going to focus on for my 1st piece, the make it or break it article, whereby I ‘bare my soul’? I had so many topics going through my head that I couldn’t decide which would be the best to pick.

Yes, I can write about what I do. As a start…  “Why Plastic Surgery?” 

(Memories of how I came into this profession came flooding in with some profound effect.  Ha! Perhaps the lockdown has done some good for me!)

Plastic surgery promotes lateral thinking and often requires us to use both sides of the brain!

Plastic surgeons are “fixer”. With birth or developmental deformity, or after accidents or cancer resection, we are often presented with a “hole” or defect, a problem that needs fixing. We assess and find one of several ways to reconstruct it. No one hammer for everything! There are principles that we follow and using our knowledge in anatomy, we “fix” the problem with a variety of skills including microsurgery. This often also involves “thinking outside the box”, particularly if it is complex problem.

Plastic surgeons are innovators and keen learners!

Do you know that the first successful kidney transplant was performed by a plastic surgeon, called Dr Joseph Murray in 1954? Plastic surgeons are often the frontrunners in many innovative technologies. We always strive to learn (hence attending many conferences!!) and upskill ourselves as we move along with time.

Plastic surgery is ART. I want to create or restore beauty &/or form.

It is not just how to do it, it is about doing it well and taking in consideration the form and beauty.

Despite the fact that my initial idea which had propelled me into the field was very much influenced by one of my sibling’s near fatal accident, whereby her face was nearly disfigured due to smashed windscreen glasses, little did I realise that my interest in it is in tune with painting.  Both require thought process and preparation with the ultimate agenda of creating something that is pleasing to the eyes.

Of course, beauty is subjective, just like some may prefer the style of realism and others may prefer abstract.

Similar to those who seek for reconstructive surgery, some will go to the ends to change everything about them facially, others will work on enhancing something that will complement with what they already have. On this note, I would encourage the latter, preferring to advice my potential patients to fully understand the kind of procedure that they are seeking for, and work towards what can be enhanced without losing one’s identity.  This subject matter alone deserves a fresh write up by itself which I will be sure to write about it in the days to come.

Have you ever been involved in a hobby whereby it somehow reminds you of what you do for a living even though it may be of different discipline? Or have you ever thought of starting a new found interest which relates to what you do?

If the answers for both questions are no, what about starting a new hobby? 

Finding a hobby may well be something that brings you creativity and productivity says https://www.jotform.com/blog/art-of-hobbies/    and ideal for our mental health

https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/health/covid19/lockdown-hobbies-to-keep-you-busy  considering we are all stuck in a lockdown.

So come on, let’s get out of our comfort zone!

Anyway, If you have come this far, reading this, please feel free to join in and send me some feedback. I would love to hear from you. Questions are also welcomed.

Drop me a line at info@drtanplasticsurgery.com.au

The only ground rule that I hope my readers will abide by is RESPECT.  Therefore, any profanity or uncouth remarks will not be entertained.  

This blog is started with passionate and positive intention and I would be most appreciative that my readers will share my sentiment. I welcome anybody and everybody from any parts of the world!   COVID 19 knows no colour, race, religion or status. So am I! 

Here’s to a better US! Have a great and meaningful day.


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